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Elev8Hoops is not only training for basketball skills but for the knowledge needed to succeed in a game. The private basketball lessons and coaching will be met with honesty and encouragement in order for skills to be developed. The goal of the training is to make the lessons and practice as gamelike as possible and to have trainees come out more determined and motivated than when they started.

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Real Skills, Real Results

David Mason, a former D1 basketball player, and assistant coach at ORU, who led his HS team to the state championship, has a passion for helping players reach their full potential through the game of basketball. Wanting to help the next generation of athletes succeed, David has built Elev8Hoops on the principles of character, intelligence, and trust. By offering private basketball lessons to over 500 athletes, including over 50 college and professional players, Elev8Hoops is ready to take your basketball skills to the next level.

David Mason

Head Coach Elev8Hoops

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